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Favicon Analysts Anticipate Rapid Growth for $0.01020 Cryp...

Pawfury (PAW), the native cryptocurrency of the innovative blockchain network Pawfury, is currently selling at a competitive $0.01020 per token. This ...   •   4 weeks ago
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Favicon S&P Global joins Singapore's Proj...

The rating agency will provide its perspective on risk mitigation in tokenized fixed income transactions.   •   4 weeks ago
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Favicon The Whale, Who Earned More Than 1 Billion Dollars ...

The smart giant whale, which earned more than 1 billion dollars by selling its Bitcoins during the rise in 2023 and 2024, returned to the markets agai...   •   4 weeks ago
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Favicon A Bitcoin Miner from the Early Days of Bitcoin, Kn...

A Bitcoin miner from the early days of the cryptocurrency known as the “Satoshi era” has resurfaced after a nearly 14-year dormanc...   •   4 weeks ago
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Favicon Bitcoin Mining Giant Announced It Is Mining A Surp...

Marthon Digital, one of the major Bitcoin miners, said in a statement that it was mining another altcoin besides BTC.\nAccordingly, the giant company ...   •   4 weeks ago
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Favicon Bitcoin Inflows Paint Rosy Picture Amid Price Targ...

The post Bitcoin Inflows Paint Rosy Picture Amid Price Targets Of $56,000 and $58,000 appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News\n\nIs Bitcoin bottoming...   •   4 weeks ago
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Favicon Has a Local Bottom Finally Formed in Bitcoin (BTC)...

An analyst from cryptocurrency analysis firm CryptoQuant recently suggested that Bitcoin may have formed a local bottom.\nOver the past three weeks, B...   •   4 weeks ago
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Favicon BREAKING: US Government Allegedly Moved 4,000 Bitc...

According to allegations in a last-minute development, the US government transferred 4,000 BTC of the previously confiscated Bitcoins to Coinbase. *Th...   •   4 weeks ago
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Favicon U.S. State Department Offers New $5M Reward for Mi...

OneCoin founder Ruja Ignatova went missing in Athens in 2017.   •   4 weeks ago
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Favicon Binance.US in Washington Will Suspend Services on ...

Key Points:\n\n\n\n\nBinance.US in Washington will halt operations on August 20, 2024, due to regulatory issues.\n\n\n\nEight states, including North ...   •   4 weeks ago
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Favicon Ethereum’s supply has been inflating for 73 days...

The supply of ETH has been gradually increasing since mid-April with the Dencun upgrade decreasing competition for block space on the mainnet.   •   4 weeks ago
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Favicon US politicians who may be spinning the news with c...

Donald Trump seems to have doubled down on digital assets after he was convicted of 34 felony counts in New York.   •   4 weeks ago
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Favicon Bitcoin's Trump Card: Dividing Is The Wrong M...

\n \n \n Courtesy of Bitcoin magazine, Trump (left) with Bitcoin Magazine CEO Dav...   •   4 weeks ago
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Favicon Successful Analyst Pointed Attention to Three Altc...

Bitcoin is experiencing sharp declines due to the events that pull the market down. BTC, which fell below $ 59,000 yesterday, recovered slightly and r...   •   4 weeks ago
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Favicon Michael Saylor Made an Astounding Prediction for B...

Famous Bitcoin bull and MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor made a jaw-dropping prediction for BTC in his recent statements.\nPredicting that Bitcoin...   •   4 weeks ago
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