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Favicon Bitcoin Bank Custodia Sues Federal Reserve, Demand...

Custodia Bank was founded by Morgan Stanley veteran Caitlin Long is suing the Federal Reserve over its application for a master account. Copy   •   3 weeks ago
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Favicon Human Rights Leaders Believe Bitcoin Aids in the S...

\nKey Takeaways\n\n\n\nThe report is dedicated to members of the United States Congress, along with committee chairs and ranking members, and requests... Copy   •   3 weeks ago
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Favicon How to buy NFTs on Solana?

With the introduction of platforms like Solana, buyers may now purchase NFTs for a low transaction charge and with minimal congestion. Copy   •   3 weeks ago
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Favicon The SEC to Investigate Binance over $BNB Token

\nKey Takeaways\n\n\n\nFederal regulators are reexamining the initial coin offering that served as the foundation for the 2017 release of the Binance ... Copy   •   3 weeks ago
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Favicon Checkout​.com launches 24/7 stablecoin settlemen...

Merchants can now accept payments made through USDC and convert the funds directly into fiat currency. Copy   •   3 weeks ago
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Favicon Cube Chain launches high-performance modular mainn...

The world’s leading public Web3 blockchain, Cube Chain, on Monday announced the launch of its Cube mainnet — the end product of Cube Chain... Copy   •   3 weeks ago
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Favicon With Cardano [ADA] finding a stable footing, is it...

Cardano [ADA] seems to have shifted gears in favor of a bullish recovery in June as is the case with its performance so far. ADA bulls are once again ... Copy   •   3 weeks ago
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Favicon New Research Unearths Insights Into Satoshi and Bi...

The paper makes no claims about the Bitcoin network today, more than a decade after the end of the period analyzed. But it underscores well-known and ... Copy   •   3 weeks ago
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Favicon English Premier League Files Crypto and NFT Tradem...

New trademark filings hint at expanded digital markets for the the top tier of England\'s football pyramid. Copy   •   3 weeks ago
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Favicon BlockFi is raising a down round at $1 billion valu...

Crypto financial services firm BlockFi is in the process of closing a down-round — in which funds will be raised at a lower valuation compared to pr... Copy   •   3 weeks ago
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Favicon SEC Targets Binance's BNB ICO for Potential V...

The launch of Binance Coin (BNB) five years ago fostered the world\'s largest crypto exchange. Today, it\'s getting a fresh look from U.S. r... Copy   •   3 weeks ago
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Favicon SEC is investigating Binance’s BNB token: Bloomb...

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is reportedly investigating whether Binance\'s BNB token was a security at the time of its sale in 2... Copy   •   3 weeks ago
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Favicon English Premier League Files for NFT and Metaverse...

\nKey Takeaways:\n\n\n\nThe English Premier League (EPL), one of the world’s most popular sports leagues, is the newest unit to enter the me... Copy   •   3 weeks ago
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Favicon BAYC Discord Hacked, Around $360K Stolen

\nKey Takeaways\n\n\n\nThe BAYC discord group was hacked, resulting in 200 ETH worth of NFTs being stolen. The hack marks the third time in two months... Copy   •   3 weeks ago
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Favicon Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission...

The regulatory agency\'s main concern was the rise of unregulated collective investment schemes in NFTs. Copy   •   3 weeks ago
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