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Favicon Best Polygon Games To Watch Out

Within the gaming sector, Polygon games continue to stand out, outshining other blockchains. Coincu will join you in learning about the best Polygon g...   •   2 weeks ago
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Favicon CrvUSD Proposal Aims to Increase Rates and Restore...

CrvUSD’s price has trended towards $0.99 throughout November   •   2 weeks ago
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Favicon Circle Launches Bridged USDC Contract For EVM Chai...

Users can permissionlessly deploy the standard to migrate USDC or EURC onto EVM-compatible chains   •   2 weeks ago
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Favicon Stability AI Audio Head Quits Over Training on Cop...

Ed Newton-Rex shares further insights into the AI industry\'s approach to copyright following his very public resignation.   •   2 weeks ago
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Favicon Bitcoin and Ethereum Trade Sideways as Binance Tur...

Binance\'s BNB token continued to drop hard Wednesday following the U.S. Department of Justice\'s announcement yesterday.   •   2 weeks ago
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Favicon DeFi protocol Spool rolls out compliance-focused �...

Spool Finance has launched v2 of its DeFi middleware product in hopes of becoming a gateway for institutions to enter decentralized finance. ...   •   2 weeks ago
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Favicon Binance cold wallet sent $3.9 billion worth of USD...

Binance sent $3.9 billion worth of stablecoins from one of its cold wallets to a separate Binance wallet days before the announcement of a settlement ...   •   3 weeks ago
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Favicon Empowering the Future of Finance: Embracing the Ro...

Binance, the world\'s largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, today announced the appointment of Richard Teng as Binance\'s new CEO. Read...   •   3 weeks ago
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Favicon Why 'Cyberpunk 2077: Ultimate Edition' N...

The expanded version of Cyberpunk 2077 is coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox—but only one version ships with three discs.   •   3 weeks ago
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Favicon Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao to step down: WSJ

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao reportedly plans to step down, according to the Wall Street Journal.\n\n\n\nIn addition to leaving his post as the world’...   •   3 weeks ago
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Favicon Telegram trading bot tallies daily volume topping ...

Telegram trading bot Banana Gun has seen daily trading volumes of upwards of $16 million.\n\n\n\nThe bots — automated trading agents running a prese...   •   3 weeks ago
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Favicon Custodial

Custodial cryptocurrency businesses are those that hold their customers\' funds while they are using their services.Read more...Coincu News   •   3 weeks ago
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Favicon Binance, regulators near multibillion-dollar crimi...

Crypto exchange Binance is in talks with US regulators to settle criminal charges and related investigations, according to people familiar with the ma...   •   3 weeks ago
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Favicon Argentina elects pro-Bitcoin president Javier Mile...

A runoff election in Argentina, Sunday, resulted in a win for Javier Milei, a libertarian on the political right who wants to dollarize the country’...   •   3 weeks ago
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